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Israel has the right to self-defense under international law-Greek PM

cbn online desk
অক্টোবর ২২, ২০২৩ ৩:৩১ পূর্বাহ্ণ
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“I am concerned about the possibility of a ground invasion of Gaza, Hamas may have wanted to provoke it” – Israel has the right to self-defense under international law.Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his disgust at the deadly attack on the hospital in Gaza in an interview on the main news bulletin with ANT1 and Nikos Hatzinikolaou, pointing out that Israel has the right to self-defense, always within the framework of international law against in the terrorist attack by Hamas.Mr. Mitsotakis noted that Greece has contacts with the Arab world and a strategic relationship with Israel and that no one has accused Greece of double standards.

At the same time, turned against Turkey for its attitude, saying that it is a problematic attitude not to condemn Hamas when the only recognized administration is that of Fatah.

“I hope the case is cleared up and we see who is responsible. A murderous attack of unprecedented ferocity by Hamas in Israel. There is a lot of tension in the area. A propaganda war is being played out here on both sides. The terrorist attack is brutal, we have never seen anything like it before. We defended Israel’s right to self-defense. We separated the Palestinian people from Hamas to receive humanitarian aid”, the PM stated.

Regarding the refugee issue he stated that, “the Palestinians do not want to leave their homeland. This would be neither in their own interest nor in the interest of Europe. The policy of guarding our borders will go on. Greece has a dominant position of Greece in the EU. The smugglers will not decide who enters Europe”.

Referring to the high prices, the Prime Minister emphasized that the economy is doing well and that Greece is at the beginning of the end of the inflation problem and that the permanent increases in the citizens’ income are what will remain.

At the same time, he sent a stern message to the multinational companies, referring to the cases of products which are sold more expensively in Greece than in other countries without any excuse.

bdnewseu/21th October/ZI/Athens

বিনা অনুমতিতে এই সাইটের সংবাদ, আলোকচিত্র অডিও ও ভিডিও ব্যবহার করা বেআইনি।